Worldview – Afghanistan – Alberto Cairo: Helping People to Walk Tall

alberto cairo

Originally from Italy, Alberto Cairo has spent the past twenty years of his life working in Afghanistan.  He is in charge of the International Committee of the Red Cross’s orthopedic program and it is estimated that he has helped 100,000 people – mostly casualties of the war in Afghanistan – to recover from devastating injury.  By restoring their walk, Alberto Cairo has also restored their dignity.

In the past, Alberto Cairo’s clinics used to close down when the fighting was furious – now they stay open.

“Afghans of all ethnic and political stripes, even the Taliban, seem likely to count Alberto Cairo as one foreigner who left the country better than he found it.” John F. Burns, New York Times.

So often, the news from Afghanistan is dismal and cruel and disheartening. Not so with this inspirational story. There is no doubt that when we think of Afghanistan we don’t tend to associate it with innovation, hope or nobility – watch this, it may change your mind –




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