What is Year View Mirror?

World news – but not as we know it…

As far as news in today’s world is concerned everything has completely changed. Nowadays we get our news from many different sources – TV, radio, internet, newspapers, magazines, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, apps, podcasts – the list goes on.

We used to be passive recipients of news.

We took whatever we were given and learned to like it.

And believe it.

Now we not only get to cherry pick our news sources, we can also contribute to the huge pool of news that exists today.

And – more importantly – this access to information means that we also get to decide for ourselves what we will believe.

We have brains.  We can use them.

We are all the new gatekeepers at the door of current affairs.

So? What’s the News?

Here at Year View Mirror we reflect world news now – as it is today. We know that the world isn’t divided into people who are interested in being informed versus those who only care about LOL-Cat pictures.

The Ancient Romans had a system where they kept the public happy by providing bread and circus.

This kept the ordinary people distracted and stopped them keeping an eye on what their politicians and leaders were doing.

At Year View Mirror we aren’t offering you bread and circuses. We know that just because you don’t want to get your news in the old fashioned way it doesn’t mean you don’t want to be informed.

You want to be informed about what’s really happening in the world but you want more than just politics and economic reports.  You want more than LOL-Cat pictures (though sometimes – let’s face it – they’re hard to resist).  You want to know about politics and finance and culture and music and movies and sport and trends that are poised to change the world.  You want to see what’s happening in today’s world.  Your world.

You’ve come to the right place.

Here it is.

This is your world…

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